Final Words of Jesus

In this class we will dive deep into Jesus’ Upper Room Discourse (John 13-17), the final teaching of Jesus to his disciples before He went to the suffering of the cross. Beginning over the Passover Seder, the passage spans the washing of the disciples’ feet, His High Priestly prayer, and concludes as He adjourns to His betrayal in the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus shares the deep secrets of His heart, expounding on a new commandment of love, the unity of believers, the role of the Holy Spirit, His own divine nature, and the mystery of abiding prayer. Join this class in drawing near to Jesus, as we recline with Him at the table and take in “The Final Words of Jesus”.

Session 1: Overview and Introduction

Session 2: Jesus Washes The Disciple’s Feet

Session 3: The New Commandment

Session 4: “I Am The Way”

Session 5: The Promise of the Holy Spirit

Session 6: Identity and Intimacy

How Jesus Abided and How We Abide

Session 7: Jesus’ Promises

Session 8: John 15: 1-33

Session 9: John 16 &17 – Jesus High Priestly Prayer