Cultivating Hunger Seminar

David cries out in Psalm 63:1, “O God, you are my God; I shall seek you earnestly; My soul thirsts for you, my flesh yearns of You…” This kind of hunger does not happen by accident; in “Cultivating Hunger: Prayer, Word & Encounter,” we will explore the biblical truths that can help us live a life of desperation for God. We will delve deep into the realities of growing in intimacy, urgency, fascination, and holiness, unto experiencing the fullness of God’s power. This class will help you cultivate a ravenous hunger for God, and equip you to live hungry for more of Him!  View the Summer 2015 Cultivating Hunger Course Syllabus Here.

Session 1: Hunger for Righteousness [Kyle Borgognoni]

Session 2: Introduction- 5 Realities     Audio     Notes

Session 3: Intimacy- Seeking the Face of God     Audio     Notes

Session 4: An Exposition in Pain [Billy Humphrey]     Audio

Session 5:  Fullness- A Vision for the Mature Bride     Audio     Notes

Session 6:  Urgency for Souls     Audio     Notes

Session 7:  Urgency for the Lord’s Return     Notes

Session 8:  Holiness of Heart  Audio     Notes

Session 9:  Fascination    Audio    Notes

Session 10:  Fascination with the Incarnation  Audio     Notes

Session 11:  Practicals of Self-Denial [Jake Cantrell]     Audio     Notes

Session 12:  Summary of 5 Realities

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