Rediscovering the Prophetic Voice

Man Holding Loudspeaker

The prophetic voice throughout the generations has been defined in many different ways, but when we study the ministries of men like Samuel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and John the Baptist, one clarion call resounds, the trumpet blasts of these prophets to the people was one of reconciliation through repentance. They were the men called not firstly to condemn God’s people, though that was often a consequence of the people’s hard heartedness, but their messages were intended to reunite and restore a wayward people to a loving God. We are in much need today for this kind of prophetic voice today. Even Peter’s message on the day of Pentecost resounds with the declarations of the prophets who preceded him. He indicted the people of the blood guilt of the Son of God, while in the same breath inviting these murderers to partake of His mercy.

The Church must rediscover it’s prophetic voice in the face of a multitude of voices calling that “God is dead”, “I was created as a Homosexual”, “All roads lead to the same God”, and other similar declarations being trumpeted throughout our culture. In light of the revelation of the power and glory of our God, these are but trivial and foolish murmuring. However, in the absence a prophetic church that possesses and declares that glory, but rather harmonizes with the demonic dogma, then this darkness becomes very dark indeed. We must ask with hearts of contrition, have we hidden our light under a basket or become like salt that has lost it’s flavor? We must rediscover our voice, so as to speak as oracles of God. Truly, the secret of this rediscovery is that we will only find our voice, by returning to hearing His.

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